Garden barbecues and ovens

Barbecues with standard lining and unformed stone are:

  • with combustion chamber made of ceramic or chamotte bricks, bonded with heat-resistant glue;
  • with reinforced panels made of concrete and lined with unformed natural stone;
  • with panels arranged on a euro pallet for transport;
  • with the possibility of extending the chimney by adding chimney bodies;
  • with the possibility of using various barbecue accessories;
  • with detailed installation instructions.

Installation Instructions: An important condition for installing your barbecue correctly and easily is the site. It should be stable, well aligned and levelized. The elements of the barbecue are built up according to the numbering from the installation instructions and are bonded with cement grade C2. It is preferable to adhere the elements of the combustion chamber with heat-resistant glue. The individual parts should be thoroughly soaked with water before applying the adhesive to achieve good bonding. Finally groove and clean. Once the glue has dried (from 12 to 24 according to the season), your barbecue is ready for use.